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House of science and technology at Sofia region (HST - Sofia region) is a creative professional, scientific and educational, non-governmental, non-political non-profit association registered under the Non-members in which voluntary physical and legal persons in the field of science, technology, education, industry, agriculture, the economy and other spheres of social and economic life of the region of Sofia. The name of the Association in English is written as follows: "House of science and of technique - Sofia region)". HST - Sofia region builds and operates on the principles of voluntariness, democracy, autonomy and self-financing is part of civil society.
HST - Sofia region is a legal entity based in Sofia-1000, "Sredets" street. "Rakovski" № 108.
HST - Sofia Region is a member and one of the 53 professional organizations (associations) of the Federation of Scientific Unions (FNTS) in Bulgaria. FSTU is a creative professional, scientific-educational, non-governmental, non-political non-profit association of legal entities - professional organizations registered under the Non-whose members are engineers, economists and other specialists in the field of science, technology, metrology and economy. FSTU is certified according to ISO 9001

FSTU is co-founder and member of the World Federation of Engineering Organizations (WFEO). FSTU a member of the European Federation of National Engineering Associations (FEANI). FSTU is a member of the Standing Conference of Engineering Organizations of Southeast Europe (CO.PICEE), Global Compact, European Young Engineers (EYE).

The main objectives of the HST - Sofia region are:


• To unite, support and protect the professional, creative and social rights and interests of its members and the scientific and technical and economic specialists in the region to raise their public prestige, create appropriate conditions for creative - professional and cultural communication between them.
• To approve the Association as an important institution of civil society in the Sofia region, to increase public influence and prestige of engineers, economists, specialists in agriculture, technicians, scientists and inventors in the Region;
• To strengthen and expand international contacts and to develop mutually beneficial cooperation with relevant regional organizations from abroad in the interests of its members, including creating the conditions for joint work of specialists and creative teams in international teams under the operational programs of the EU and other international projects;
• To carry out activities to familiarize professionals from the region with the applicable regulations and legal framework of the EU in the field of science, technology, education and help to bring Bulgarian legislation in these areas in accordance with it;.


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The association is a member of FSTU by which partnered with:

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Аddress: House of science and of technique – Sofia region
Bulgaria, 1000 Sofia, Rakovski str. 108; office 507А and 502

Phone:0359 2 (02) 987 7392
GSM:(0359) 887708400; (0359) 897447846